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Welcome to the Office of the Dean

Learn more about Dean LaFerla and his vision for the Charlie Dunlop School of Biological Sciences.

A Message From the Dean

For many people, the word “biologist” summons the image of a researcher working alone over a microscope. As you explore BioSci’s website, or better yet, become more engaged with our School, that perception will quickly change. As the study of life, biology is the most dynamic of sciences. It is where answers originate to grand challenges, such as climate change, devastating diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes and more. To achieve these crucial goals, our faculty, researchers and students work in teams, sharing ideas and expertise to innovate multi-faceted solutions. They are as likely to be out in the field performing hands-on investigations as in the laboratory. There has never been a more exciting and critical time for biology. I invite you to explore BioSci’s website to learn more. Better yet, come see us! Whether you are a prospective student, UC Irvine graduate or member of the general public, we welcome you to discover how Dunlop School is leading the way for a brilliant future.

An Audacious Past and Brilliant Future

When BioSci’s founders broke ground for the School over five decades ago, they seized the opportunity to pioneer an audacious approach to biological research. Departing from standard academic practice, they established its departments as collaborative entities examining the links between mind, body and world. Taking this risk set the stage for extraordinary discoveries here in ensuing years. Other universities saw the impact of what Dunlop School was doing and began following suit.

Dunlop School Vision

Mind | Body | World

Everything in our world that matters centers around life. And life is interconnected. For most of us, a healthy mind requires a healthy body, which in turn requires a healthy world. With our brains and physical beings menaced by devastating diseases and with global temperatures rising, innovative biologic solutions have never been more urgent. Solving these challenges and threats necessitates going beyond the norm. At the UC Irvine Charlie Dunlop School of Biological Sciences, we strive to shatter entrenched scientific boundaries and launch daring new lines of inquiry to find answers never before envisioned.

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