Training the Next Generation of Biologists

Educating our future STEM leaders and innovators takes a collaborative effort. The Dean’s Cabinet work together to stimulate student curiosity and provide academic support.

Kavita Arora headshot

Kavita Arora, PhD

Chair, Developmental and
Cell Biology

Randy Bautista headshot

Randy Bautista, PhD

Institutional Research Analyst

Karina Cramer

Karina Cramer, PhD

Associate Dean of Academic Personnel

Andrew DiNuzzo headshot

Andrew DiNuzzo

Executive Director of Development

Aimee-Edinger headshot

Aimee L. Edinger, PhD

Equity Advisor

Celia W. Goulding headshot

Celia W. Goulding, PhD

Chair, Molecular Biology and

Chris Hughes

Christopher Hughes, PhD

Associate Dean of
Research and Innovation

Chris Hughes (1)

Travis Huxman, PhD

Chair, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Shannon Ingram

Shannon S. Ingram

Director of Marketing and Communications

Denise Khaw

Denise Khaw

Director of Development

Michael Leon

Michael Leon, PhD

Director of Instructional Support

Reggie McNulty (2)

Reggie McNulty, PhD

Chair, Bio Sci Executive Committee

Raju Metherate headshot

Raju Metherate, PhD

Associate Dean of
Undergraduate Education

Benedicte Shipley headshot

Benedicte Shipley

Assistant Dean

Craig Walsh

Craig Walsh

Associate Dean of Graduate Education

Marcelo A. Wood headshot

Marcelo A. Wood, PhD

Neurobiology and Behavior Chair


Michael Yassa, PhD

Associate Dean of
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion